Thésaurus AnaEE (anaeeThes)


The anaeeThes thesaurus aims at providing a controlled vocabulary for the semantic description of the study of continental ecosystems and their biodiversity. It has been developed within the framework of the AnaEE-France infrastructure through an iterative process combining both top down and bottom up approaches: import of concepts from other thesauri and collection of concepts used in the AnaEE data bases and/or modeling platforms.

The thesaurus consists of concepts handled in different main thematic areas:

  • Abiotic (atmosphere, climate, hydrosphere, litosphere, …)
  • Biotic (animals, plants, micro-organisms, biodiversity, …)
  • Chemical compounds
  • Experimentation and observation (instrument, method, protocol, measurement, quality, infrastructure …)
  • Ecosystems (type, structure, functioning …)
  • Modeling (formalism, platform, type of model, computer language …)
  • Disciplines (disciplinary and scientific fields)
  • Unit (units of the international system, inherited from the OBOEstandards ontology)

anaeeThes contains 12 top concepts. It contains nearly 3320 concepts, of which about 1500 are also offered in French. 360 concepts are inherited from the OBOE-standards ontology, while 748 concepts about soils and their characteristics were created using the « Référentiel pédologique 2008 – AFES» and  « World reference base for soil resources 2006 – FAO ». Approximately 400 concepts are mapped to Agrovoc and  280 to Gemet thesauri. Approximately 480 concepts have a definition.The hierarchy offers up to 8 depth levels.

Although the headings of the first and second levels are now stable, it is still evolving, especially on the issue of translation and mapping/alignment.

The Thesaurus is licensed under the CC-BY 4.0

Domaine(s) : Langue(s) : Anglais Francais
    Auteurs :
  • Anaee-France semantic group ;
Contact :
Editeur : INRA, CNRS

DOI : 10.15454/1.4894016754286177E12 - Version 1.0, publiée en 2016
Creative Commons License
Thésaurus AnaEE (anaeeThes) est mis à disposition selon les termes de la Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License (CC-BY).
. Dernière mise à jour : 13-03-2017
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Clastre, P., Pichot, C., & Chanzy, A. (2017). Vocabulary for analysis and experimentation on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems [Data set]. INRA.
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Projets utilisant ce vocabulaire :

In the AnaEE platform (a GeoNetwork one), the concepts of anaeeThes are mainly used as :

  • keywords for the description of services (experimental platforms, analytical platforms, modeling platforms and databases) in metadata records (ISO19115/19119),
  • classes for the extension of an ongoing OBOE based ontology on ecosystem experimentation.

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